How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

A classic five-paragraph essay is usually assigned to students to help them to organize their ideas and thoughts in a logical manner. An essayaims to express a certain concept, fact or idea with supporting evidence. This type of essay consists of five paragraphs: an into, three body paragraphs and conclusion. We will take a closer look at essay paragraph.

The Golden Rules of Essay Writing. Essay Introduction

Essays play a great role in studying process, luckily, if you have some difficulties with writing your papers, you can always check out main rules that will help you to compose a powerful work within a short period of time. An essay introduction is the first paragraph in your paper, it should start with a general discussion of your subject. Sometimes, your essay should begin with a “hook” or “grabber” in order to catch the interest of the audience, so the reader will want to continue reading your essay. You will have to make the first sentence as interesting as possible. Conclude the introduction paragraph with a thesis statement. Usually it should be written in one or two sentences.


Your body will consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraphs should present one idea to support your thesis. The body should start with the strongest argument and provide clear evidence. Keep in mind, you have to introduce your topic to the reader with the help of your body. Do not forget to use transition words.


The final paragraph of your essay writing is the summary paragraph. The aim of a concluding paragraph is to restate the thesis statement and summarize main arguments presented in the paper.

Writing five paragraph essays is increasingly important, your grades will depend on your writing skills.


Transitions will logically connect all paragraphs. It is forbidden to simply jump from one idea to another, try to connect all paragraphs properly.

Final Essay Writing Tips

  • Write an intro paragraph and set the tone to hook your reader.
  • Compose a thesis statement.
  • Write three body paragraphs, start with the strongest point, provide concrete examples, comments and evidence. Put the weakest point of your argument in the middle of the work.
  • In the conclusion restate your thesis but do not provide new information.
  • Proofread your essay and edit it.
  • Use plagiarism detection software.
  • To replace commonly used phrases and words, it is recommended to use thesaurus.
  • Connect all paragraphs with key phrases.
  • Give your paper to someone who has experience in academic writing, this will help you to detect lexical and grammar mistakes.

Knowing how to write my five paragraph essay will help those who have poor writing experience. Being able to produce a powerful essay is an important skill, in case you realize that it will be difficult for you to cope with this, you can always search for a legitimate custom writing service and ask assist at professional writers.

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