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STEM Assignments help

Nowadays, when it comes to education, in addition to the current theme “The New Ukrainian School” we can often hear a short but resounding word – STEM (sometimes STEAM). For the past few years, this word has been used by educators and people who care about education to designate a new format for gaining knowledge at school.

International education exhibitions are increasingly focused on robotics and technology, such as BETT 2020, GESS Dubai 2020 and even the global Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair. Moreover, this year about 800 million hryvnias will be granted for the development of STEM-education in Ukraine at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Math Homework Help

Mathematics is an exact science that we begin to learn at school. Then we find its application in everyday life as well, from the banal calculation of the amount of purchases in the store to the use of high-tech objects, the creation of which would be impossible without complex and precise calculations.

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Programming Homework Help

Programming Help

Is it possible to retrain?
The author of this article is quite a good example of that it is possible to retrain as a programmer. I did it after many years of working as a system administrator with a music degree. As of 2019, about half of the candidates for the job of a programmer do not have a specialized education, which is largely due to the peculiarities of the labor market in our country.

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How To Write Application Essays

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